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Potassium Deficiency

What’s the issue? Potassium is a confusing mineral in regard to dairy cow requirements: during the dry period, dietary potassium needs to be restricted in order to reduce hypocalcemia risk post-calving, but during early lactation cows need to consume fairly … Continue reading

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Clostridium Perfringenes Type A

What’s the Issue? Clostridium perfringenes type A overgrowth in the abomasum and/or small intestine. Mycotoxicosis (feed sources) in mature cows and inconsistent feeding practices for calves are believed to play a role. What’s the Impact? Results in clinical diseases such … Continue reading

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Over-Crowding of Milking Cows

Over-crowding of Milking Cows What’s the Issue? Over-crowding of milking cows is common on dairy farms, especially during times of good milk prices Youngstock (replacement animal) facilities often are over-crowded because cow numbers have increased (new milking cow barn built) … Continue reading

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Metaphylactic Use of Therapeutic (Injectable) Antibiotics:

What’s the Issue? Producers and veterinarians use certain therapeutic antibiotics metaphylactically during times of increased risk for the development of respiratory disease. Producer’s preferences sometimes favor the use of antibiotics in lieu of prevention by upgrading facilities and/or management. What’s … Continue reading

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