Clostridium Perfringenes Type A

What’s the Issue?

  • Clostridium perfringenes type A overgrowth in the abomasum and/or small intestine.
  • Mycotoxicosis (feed sources) in mature cows and inconsistent feeding practices for calves are believed to play a role.

What’s the Impact?

  • Results in clinical diseases such as HBS or abomasitis, causing severe disease and high mortality in affected animals.

Your Solution(s):

  • Treatment for these diseases may reduce mortality rates but often is ineffective.
  • Vaccination for Clostridium per fringes type A has been reported to reduce the incidence of these conditions.
  • Only one commercially available Clostridium perfringenes vaccine is currently available; a custom-made bacterin (vaccine) may be a good alternative for herds experiencing problems with these conditions.
  • Preventative measures for these conditions include the use of mycotoxin binders, probiotics and vaccination; however all of these products have little research to support their effectiveness.
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