Consumer Perception

Issue of the Week (Sept. 4-13): Consumer Perception

What’s the issue?

  • The perception of consumers’ on the treatment of food producing animals

What’s the impact?

  • Public perceptions of common practices on dairy farms (eg., dehorning, tail docking, castration, etc.) are being portrayed and perceived as ‘abusive’ for the animals.
  • The public may change their purchasing habits based on their perceptions of the animal welfare practices that are used to produce a product.
  • Producers may need to change some of their methods to satisfy public concerns regarding animal welfare and well-being.

ANIMART Solutions

  • Producers and animal agriculture organizations need to be more vocal in talking about how they care for their animals and explain why they do things the way they do.
  • Producers should be open and appear ‘less secretive’ when it comes to showing the public how they raise their animals.
  • Some farms will need to adjust/modify some practices/procedures to demonstrate their concern for animal welfare/well-being and show consumers that they too are concerned for these animals.

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