Dairy Sanitation: What’s your Options?

What’s the Issue?

  • Finding a quality dairy sanitation line for all farm applications.
  • Finding the appropriate teat dip for farm specific use

What’s the Impact?

  • When more dairy sanitation product is used than necessary, many products become less cost-effective.
  • Not all teat dips are equal.  The use of an inadequate teat dip or the wrong type of dip can allow Mastitis pathogens (contagious and environmental) to become a problem on farm.
  • Bacterial, pathogenic and somatic cell counts will increase when Mastitis pathogens are present, which could lead to lower or no milk premiums.

ANIMART Solution(s):

  • Dairysan is a broad spectrum product line that offers: teat dips, CIP Detergents, Sanitizers, Manual Detergents and Laundry Detergents.  Products are specifically designed to meet all farms’ sanitation needs.
  • The type of teat dip used on farms should be tailored to each farm specifically.  Knowledge of milking procedure, the environment, past history of contagions and the producer’s preference should be reviewed before switching teat dips.
  • Having Mastitis protocols for increasing severity, will help stream line the diagnoses and treatment process.

Leslie Gravatt
Professional Services Department

About Leslie Gravatt

Milk Quality & Laboratory Specialist
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