Fluids for IV Use

In the age of residue avoidance, it is extremely important to monitor everything that goes into your calves and cows. Reading the labels on products should become standard procedure, even if you have been using the product for years and feel it is perfectly safe. A great example to look at is fluids. Some fluids are not labeled for intravenous (IV) use and must be extralabeled by a veterinarian. ”

To help solve this issue, ANIMART recently started private labeling fluids including Calcium Gluconate, Dextrose 50%, Hypertonic Saline Solution (Rx.) and Lactated Ringer’s (Rx.). All of these fluids are labeled as appropriate for IV use. Labeling our own fluids not only makes it easier for you to order, it also helps keep the product in-stock so it is always on-hand.

For more information, please call 855.226.9260 or visit animart.com/fluids

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