Is a larvicide right for your operation?

Have you ever wondered if a larvicide fed to your animals would be right for your operation? Let us explain what it is, how it works and what feed additive larvicide product is carried at ANIMART.

What is a larvicide?

As the name suggests, a larvicide is a chemical that kills the insect during its larval stage.

How does a feed additive larvicide work?

On a dairy operation, larvicide is normally introduced as a feed additive or milk replacer. After consuming the cow-safe compound, the compound will travel through the calf or cow and deposited in the manure of the animal. Flies will lay their eggs in the manure. Once hatched, the larvae will consume the manure and the compound will render their exoskeleton useless. Without the exoskeleton, the insect will not be able to survive. It is important to remember that larvicide is not a one time cure-all. To reach maximum effectiveness continued use of a larvicide product is encouraged throughout fly season.

Feed additive larvicide at ANIMART:

ANIMART proudly offers the milk replacer additive elim-A-fly. Elim-A-fly is a daily add-pack for calves and stops the development of fly larvae in manure from treated calves, preventing the formation of the fly larvaeā€™s exoskeletons. To learn more about elim-a-fly or to shop other fly control products offered at ANIMART, click here.

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