Issue of the Week (Aug 26-September 1st): Ketosis

Type II or Early Lactation All Type Ketosis 

What’s the issue?

  • Cows on many farms are getting clinical ketosis during the first two weeks of lactation.
  • Cows are ‘set-up’ for ketosis by reduced feed intake around the time of calving.
  • These cows require treatment to return to production and avoid the development of secondary diseases such as LDA.

What’s the impact?

  • Cows require treatment and suffer reduced milk production.
  • Affected cows are at increased risk of reproductive failure and culling later in lactation.

ANIMART Solutions

  • Work with your nutritionist and veterinarian to feed a properly designed and presented ration to close-up and just-fresh (transition) cows.
  • Work with your veterinarian to avoid long lactations due to delayed conception.  This can lead to over-conditioned cows at calving which are known to be at increased risk of a ketosis occurrence.
  • Promptly treat affected cows to increase feed intake to help decrease the negative impact of this disease.

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