Issue of the Week (Dec. 31 – Jan. 4): Importance of Vaccinating Feedlot Steers

What’s the Issue?

  • Many feedlot producers are unaware of the importance of vaccinating their herd to protect them from life threatening diseases.

What’s the Impact?

  • Most feedlot steers do not receive adequate colostrum as newborns and therefore are prone to more diseases because they lack maternal antibodies found in good quality colostrum.
  • If your heard did not receive adequate colostrum or are not vaccinated they have a higher chance of getting infected with diseases that can stunt their growth or even cause death if severe enough.

ANIMART’s Solution(s)

  • Sit down with your veterinarian to develop a vaccination protocol that will protect your herd from common respiratory diseases or clostridium issues that they are prone to.
  • Stick to your vaccination protocol to help make your operation successful
  • Having a good ventilation system will help to decrease your risk for some respiratory issues.
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