Issue of the Week (February 3-9): Mismanagement of Drug Use and Inventory

Mismanagement of Drug Use and Inventory

What’s the issue?

  • Not managing your drug use and inventory can cause increase risks for an operation and also increase in spending on unnecessary drugs.

What’s the impact?

  • Increases operation’s risk of drug residues in milk and meat
  • Overuse of antibiotics┬ácan increase antibiotic resistance
  • Using unnecessary amounts of a drug increases drug cost

ANIMART’s Solution(s)

  • Track and control your drug inventories to reduce wasteful drug usage
  • Keep a set of inventory locked in a cabinet where hired labor must check out new amounts for use
  • Make sure protocols are easy to follow and written in hard copy to ensure employees are trained properly
  • Work with your veterinarian to fine tune protocols on a quarterly basis
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