Issue of the Week (Nov. 19-23): Low Corn Production

Low Corn Production, Increase Risk of Health Issues

What’s the issue?

  • With this past summer’s drought, feed production (especially corn) is down for many producers and costs are high.
  • This has been causing many issues making sure cattle are being fed a balanced ration with all the necessary components such as: starches, protein, fats, fiber and Dry Matter Intake (DMI).
  • Due to the shortage, producers have to go to unusual places, like bakeries and candy shops, to find items that can replace low starch levels, however; these places are not always the cheapest or healthiest options.

What’s the impact?

  • If cattle do not have a balanced ration, they can develop acidosis that affects the cow’s reproduction and leads to poor transition, increased potential foot issues and decreased overall milk production; all resulting in profit loss for producers.

ANIMART solution(s)

  • Meet with your herd veterinarian and nutritionist to actively evaluate and determine any changes that can be made to your current protocols.
  • Use the information they share with you to help increase milk production (through higher protein and milk fat content), improve reproduction results and develop overall advanced herd health.
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