Metaphylactic Use of Therapeutic (Injectable) Antibiotics:

What’s the Issue?

Producers and veterinarians use certain therapeutic antibiotics metaphylactically during times of increased risk for the development of respiratory disease. Producer’s preferences sometimes favor the use of antibiotics in lieu of prevention by upgrading facilities and/or management.

What’s the Impact?

  • Using therapeutic antibiotics in this fashion may hasten the development of antibiotic resistance.
  • Over-reliance on antibiotics can delay the needed changes in facilities and/or management by a producer.
  • Overall animal well-being would be enhanced by better preventative measures (such as better management and/or facilities).

ANIMART Solution(s):

  • Have your veterinarian run diagnostic tests on infected cattle to find the disease(s) that you are dealing with.
  • Review vaccine and treatment protocols with your veterinarian to see if any changes should be made based on diagnostic results.
  • Meet with experts on facilities designs to see where potential improvements could be made.
  • Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to help manage employees on training and preventing procedural drift.
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