Microfiber Towels vs Dairy Paper Towels

Many milking products have a time and place to extrapolate the best performance for a given application.  Knowing when and how to use a product properly can prove difficult for even the most experienced dairyman.

Mastitis is the number one source for antibiotic use on a dairy farm.  A mastitis infection can negatively affect Milk Quality counts (SCC), reproduction rate, the overall health of cows and a producer’s bottom line.  There are many factors that can contribute to an infection, so following an appropriate prep/post procedure using proper products is a must.  One product often overlooked during milking is the use of dairy towels.

Towels used during milking come in different shapes and sizes, and each producer’s preference can vary.  No matter which style is used, one towel is recommended per individual cow.

Microfiber Towels


  • Able to reuse towels
  • Easy on teat ends
  • Absorbent
  • Thorough cleaning of teat ends


  • Need to wash and dry towels after each use
    • Loads dependent on size of washer and dryer
    • Maintenance of units
  • Cost of initial investment
  • Will need to replace at some point, depending on milking herd size and quantity milked

Dairy Paper Towels


  • Single use
  • Initial investment is cost effective
  • No need for a washer or dryer


  • High volume of waist
  • Can be hard on teat ends
  • Some difficulty with thorough drying
  • High product turnover

Both Microfiber and Dairy Paper Towels can aide in the Milk Quality routine on farm.  No matter which product is used, the key is following a proper prep/post procedure to decrease any procedural drift.  For more questions about dairy towels or following a proper prep/post procedure, please contact one of our Milk Quality Professionals.

Dr. Armon Hetzel
Professional Services Veterinarian

Leslie Gravatt
Professional Services Dept

About Leslie Gravatt

Milk Quality & Laboratory Specialist
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