Preventing Flies with Larvicides

What’s the Issue?

  • Flies that reach adulthood only make-up a small percentage of the entire fly population
  • Waiting to control flies until after they become an issue increases costs and lowers effectiveness of treatment
  • Most fly control solutions only target adult flies

What’s the Impact?

  • Flies cause a reduction in milk production of 10-20%
  • Biting flies cause a reduction in weight gains and feed efficiency
  • Flies carry diseases including pinkeye

ANIMART’s Solution:

Calf areas and manure pits are the biggest breeding areas for flies on a dairy. Limit the number of flies that reach adulthood and effectively control flies on your dairy using a combination of environmental, biological and chemical techniques.

  • Environmental: Be sure to sanitize and clean around the dairy as any accumulation of feed, manure and water will be a fly attractant
  • Biological: Enhance the naturally occurring populations of fly predators1 which attack fly larvae
  • Chemical: Use feed-through larvicides like elim-A-fly2 or scatter baits like Neporex3 to prevent fly larvae from developing into adult flies.
  1. Elim-A-fly is added to calves’ milk every day and contains diflubenzuron which interferes with the growth of the exoskeleton of flies, causing the larvae to die before reaching adulthood.
  2. Fly Predators are a biological control agent that targets fly pupae. Simply release them near fly breeding areas and they do the rest of the work.
  3. Neporex is a granule bait which uses cryomazine to prevent prevent fly larvae from developing into flies.

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