Professional Services Veterinarians: Issue of the Week (Jan. 21-Jan. 25)

Breeding Programs & Pregnancy Checks

What’s the issue?

  • There are many different options to use for breeding your cows/heifers and also different methods to confirm pregnancy. This issue is how to know which one is best for your operation.

What’s the impact?

  • Giving hormone shots can cost a lot of money, is there a more economical way to get cows pregnant?
  • Extra labor involved in giving injections, is there a more time efficient way to get cows pregnant?
  • Will consumers concerns about hormones in dairy products and/or the environment get to the point where we will need to reduce our use of these products?

ANIMART’s Solution(s):

  • Always work with your ANIMART or Herd veterinarian to review what options are available for a good breeding program. Your veterinarian could help monitor your reproduction program, especially from the standpoint of tracking any changes that the farm makes.
  • Check into the possibilities of Heat detection systems, ANIMART offers a system called Track A Cow. These systems can decrease labor and the use of hormones.
  • Milk or Blood pregnancy tests could be a viable less expensive option to go with.
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