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St. Nick delivers Calf Supplies to Farmer

St. Nick hears a farmer wants calf sleds, calf warmers, and calf carts, and makes a Christmas delivery just in time for those cold winter days. Like Farmer Shawn, keep your calves warm this winter with these products!  animart.com

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Top Calf Jackets & Other Winter Must-Haves

Tom Klas, ANIMART Sales Manager, discusses the different types of Calf Jackets and a NEW winter must-have product.  Check back often to see more videos from our staff!  Next up: ANIMART Fashion Show – Chore Boots Edition.

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Q. My calves are getting yellowish scours at 7 to 10 days and are getting very sick within a day after we first notice. What might it be and how can I treat it?

A.  The color of the diarrhea may not be diagnostic to the pathogen causing the scours, but since the calves are anywhere from 7 to 10 days the top pathogens could include rotavirus, coronavirus, salmonella and clostridium.  The best way to … Continue reading

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