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New Digital Refractometers Save You Time!

We want to make your life on the farm easier. Learn how the New Digital Refractometers can be used for checking quality of colostrum as well as Total Protein for evaluating failure of passive transfer.

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Bovamine –ANIMART’s Solution to Increasing Feed Costs!

According to University studies, Bovamine can increase feed efficiency by up to 4.3%. Bovamine also helps with E Coli shedding and has a derived benefit to the overall health of the animal. This solution is Win-Win!

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Prevent Pinkeye in Your Herd This Season!

Although cattle can suffer from pinkeye during anytime of the year, vaccinating cattle 30 days prior to fly season is key to preventing pinkeye in your herd. Dr. Ernsberger, Professional Services Veterinarian and Tom Klas, Sales Manager talk about pinkeye … Continue reading

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