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Fly Season Brings Pinkeye

What’s the issue?

  • When flies are in season, so are Pinkeye infections.

What’s the impact?

  • Flies are the main transmitter of Pinkeye in cattle.
  • Pinkeye is painful and spreads rapidly amongst your herd.
  • If the infection of Pinkeye is severe, the infected animal can lose the eye and will use the ability to see.
  • Severe pain decreases appetite in cattle which can lead to a decrease in weight gain and potentially milk loss in lactating cows.

ANIMART Solutions:

  • There are many products out there to help eliminate flies including: pour ons, baits, premise sprays, feed additives and fly predators, which are a non-invasive insect that feed on a pest insect’s pupae.
  • Vaccinate your cattle against the common strains of pinkeye¬†prior¬†to fly season. Work with your veterinarian on the appropriate vaccine to use.
  • If you have vaccinated your cattle and are stilling having outbreaks of pinkeye, culturing the eye to see exactly what strain of pinkeye you are dealing with may be beneficial.
  • Having an autogenous vaccine created is an option that should be discussed with your veterinarian.

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