Issue of the Week (Dec. 10-14): Pneumonia in Cows

What’s the Issue?

  • Pneumonia in adult cows has been on the rise over the past few months.

What’s the Impact?

  • Pneumonia in adult cows can cause a loss in milk production due to the cow not feeling well and going off feed.
  • Financial loss can also occur if you are forced to treat the cow with antibiotics that have a milk withhold.
  • Depending on the causative agent the rest of your cattle could be at an increased risk for becoming infected.
  • If you do not diagnose and begin treatment early, chronic pneumonia could develop affecting the rest of the animal’s productive life. 

ANIMART Solution(s):

  • Prevention is always key. Vaccinating your herd with the appropriate vaccines is one way to prevent most pneumonia.  Check with your veterinarian to see if you are using the appropriate vaccines. Second making sure you have good air exchange by having good ventilation system in your barns will also reduce your risk for pneumonia.
  • Always contact your veterinarian if symptoms do not improve with treatment.
  • If you have death loss due to the pneumonia consider having your veterinarian do a necropsy. Definitive diagnosis of the causative agent with a culture and sensitive will help you determine if your vaccination and treatment protocols are accurately targeting that agent.
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