Issue of the Week (May 20-25): Importance of a Good Vaccination Program

Importance of a Good Vaccination Program

What’s the issue?

  • Some producers are not using a thorough vaccination program or following labeled directions regarding proper administration of vaccine products. This has the potential to cause issues in your herd in adult cows and calves.
  • The wrong vaccine may not offer adequate protection against disease exposure while other protocols may not be necessary for the particular herd situation.

What’s the imact?

  • If you are not vaccinating your cattle against potential diseases you are increasing your herds risk for preventable issues.
  • Preventable diseases, such as abortive or respiratory disease, can not only reduce milk production and increase treatment costs, but can also increase the loss of cows, either due to increased culling or death.
  • Certain vaccines allow the cow to increase the amount of antibodies available in her colostrum that can be passed on the calf which give them added protection against diseases. You are potentially increasing the risk for illnesses in your calves if your cows are not vaccinated properly for calfhood diseases.
  • Good quality colostrum also has antibodies in it to feed to the newborn calf to help decrease their risk for diseases such as scours and pneumonia.

ANIMART Solutions

  • Sit down with your veterinarian to review your vaccination program and create a vaccination plan that fits for your herd.
  • Make administering vaccines for your cattle a priority and schedule time for this important health strategy to make sure it is done properly and on time.

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