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Common Causative Agents of Calf Scours

Common causative agents of calf scours can be broken down into three groups; viral, bacterial and parasites. All of these agents are contracted orally and cause calf scours in the first month. Definitive diagnosis by fecal float, bacterial culture, and … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Calf Scours Identification

Calf scours can be a devastating disease; it can hit hard and infect numerous animals, create large treatment costs and have a prolonged impact on animal health and performance. Calves are extremely susceptible to scours in the first month of … Continue reading

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Q. I’ve been hearing a lot about drug residues lately within the dairy industry. What are some best practices for residue control?

A.  As consumers become more critical of the food supply, farmers need to become more critical of their own operations. Residue management is in the hotseat today, and the majority of residue violations in slaughterhouses come from dairy cattle. That means … Continue reading

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