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Cold Weather Strategy

(Reviewed: January 20, 2017) We live in the Midwest and Northeast regions of the country for a reason – we can handle the cold, wind and snow Mother Nature throws at us every winter, but what about our cows? They have … Continue reading

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Dairy Sanitation: What’s your Options?

What’s the Issue? Finding a quality dairy sanitation line for all farm applications. Finding the appropriate teat dip for farm specific use What’s the Impact? When more dairy sanitation product is used than necessary, many products become less cost-effective. Not … Continue reading

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Q: What are some guidelines for good udder prep?

A: The goal of good udder prep is to give adequate teat stimulation to maximize oxytocin release for efficient milk let-down, speed and milk out.  The following are some general ideas to consider when putting together your udder prep protocol. … Continue reading

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Q. What can I do to control Staph Aureus and what steps can I take to combat this both in the Dry and Lactating period?

A.  Staphylococcus aureus, a contagious microorganism, is typically found in teat canal keratin and chapped teat skin.  Transmission is by transfer from an infected quarter to uninfected quarters via milking equipment, udder cloths, and/or milker’s hands so a significant part … Continue reading

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